Hero X Referral Program: Refer a Hero, Become a Hero Xvenger

3 min readDec 22, 2023



Much awaited HERO X Referral Program goes live on 11th January 2024.

This is an exclusive program designed for everyone — our early users, DeFi degens, traders and influencers. The earlier you are, the higher your earnings. REFER A HERO allows users to earn $Hero XP & $HEROX rewards for using Hero X, participating in various activities, contests & campaigns.

Access to HERO X platform is exclusively available via an unique referral invite. Initial referral codes are reserved for whitelisted community members, closed beta users, advisors, select KoL’s and contributors. They will all receive 10 referral codes to invite friends and other groups. Keep an eye out for those fancy codes on our official telegram group and your emails.

How Does REFER A HERO Work:

Step 1: CLICK ON THE REFERRAL LINK — Open the Referral Link & join the airdrop dashboard with your unique code.

Step 2: COMPLETE BASIC TASKS — Complete basic tasks on your screen, such as linking your Twitter and connecting your wallet to claim $Hero XP

STEP 3: RECEIVE $HERO XP — Upon completion of above steps, users will receive 50 $HERO XP

STEP 4: Stake minimum 1 USDT and earn another 50 $HERO XP and your first “SUPERSPIN” to complete your basic journey on Hero X. The more you stake, the higher your earnings in $Hero XP and more the chances of a SUPER SPIN.

EARN MORE BY REFERRING MORE — The Referral Chains go up to three levels for each referee.

You receive a +16% bonus when your direct invites earn points, +8% when their invites (Secondary Invitees) earn points, and +4% when their invites (Tertiary Invitees) earn points.

THE HERO XVENGER GROUP: Real Xvengers Working Together

Hero Xvengers is a group consisting of your direct referrals with a common target to stake together. The more you stake together in Hero Pools, higher the $Hero XP points earn. The group aims for a combined total target instead of an individual target hence promoting partnerships among individuals & groups.

HERO XVENGERS are rewarded for activities and targets completed together such as:

  1. There are 3 targets for Hero Xvengers divided based on weekly, monthly and quarterly targets.

2. Stake in any Hero Pools together i.e. making a combined stake of USDT 1,000 in one week will result in the reward of additional 1,000 $Hero XP distributed on pro-rata basis among Hero Xvengers members based on their wager amounts, ensuring each participant receives a reward corresponding to their contribution within the team’s overall reward pool. There are no rewards of $Hero XP if the Hero Xvengers fails to achieve a target.

3. New products are planned to be released every month. Each product will accrue $Hero XP rewards to individuals and Hero Xvengers in a similar fashion.


The referral campaign ranks every user based on $Hero XP earned. For the first month, top 3 winners will be chosen weekly and rewarded with:

  1. 500 $HERO XP that will be converted to $HEROX tokens upon launch. The conversion rate is not fixed yet and will be announced closer to the public launch.
  2. $100 USDC each.
  3. If you wage $10,000 on platform for a month, that will grant you the coveted BLUE TICK on your profile on the platform along with other rewards, discounts, and several “firsts”

So what are you waiting for? If you are reading this, you are early!

Join HERO X Referral Program on 11th January, 9am EST and become part of the biggest DeFi referral competition, earning unprecedented rewards while competing with industry leaders and influencers.

About HERO X:

Hero X is the world’s first SOCIAL + AI + TRADING platform that brings together degens, traders, gamblers and influencers all on one platform, where everyone has equal opportunity to earn crypto.

Hero X is launching with Hero Pools — Several other products are planned before the token launch in early Q2 24’ to create one-stop DeFi experience. Welcome aboard SUPER HEROES

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