Introducing HERO Pools: Earn Crypto on KOL’s Price Predictions


5 min readJan 12, 2024

Hero X combines social interaction, AI and trading. More information about Hero X and its vision can be found here.

The primary offering on the Hero X platform is Hero Pools.

Every day, hundreds of influencers on various platforms, including CT, make thousands of predictions. Within this diverse pool, there are both reliable KoL Heroes and less reputable individuals making both accurate and inaccurate price predictions to their followers. Often, these followers unquestioningly follow their chosen “Heroes” and, in some cases, even idolize them.

With Hero Pools, a groundbreaking feature on Hero X, you can now monitor every prediction made by your favorite CT influencer. Beyond just tracking their success rates, you can also stake on these price predictions and earn crypto. Additionally, based on the influencers’ successful predictions and the size of their fanbase, you can engage in trading Heroes through “Hero Keys.”


Consider the case of one of the most renowned crypto influencers, Crypto Hayes. Suppose he predicts that BTC will surge to $50K by March 31, 2024.

This forecast will be automatically captured through a screenshot on his CT timeline, leading to the instantaneous creation of a prediction pool, known as the Crypto Hayes Hero Pool. Initially we will limit the amount of pools created as well as who predicts them. Each pool will incorporate various parameters linked to the BTC price prediction. Users can seamlessly stake/vote HERO (For) or ZERO (Against) based on these price predictions.

Each Hero Pool functions as a fixed-duration vault, spanning from 3 days to 3 months, with a minimal stake set at just $1. Users can stake using USDT/USDB (and later $HEROX tokens) during the “Stake Period,” typically calculated as 20% of the Pool Expiry Period (PEP), with a minimum of 1 days and a maximum of 10 days.


STEP 1- CONNECT WALLET AND EXPLORE HERO POOLS: Once you’ve linked your wallet to Hero X, you’ll find a display of multiple active Hero Pools, along with top influencer rankings derived from their success rates in previous pools.

Within Hero Pools, you can observe all the stake made, including HERO or ZERO stake, as well as any personal stake you’ve placed. These details can be accessed within the “My Pools” or “My Profile” sections.

STEP 2 — STAKE ON YOUR FAVORITE KOL’S PRICE PREDICTION: After perusing the different prediction pools, each HERO X user has the option to participate by placing a Stake in either the HERO (FOR) or ZERO (AGAINST) Pools. There is a designated “Stake Period” during which users can stake in these Prediction Pools. Once this “Stake Period” concludes, no further money can be allocated to the Hero or Zero side.

STEP 3 — SETTLEMENT OF PREDICTION POOLS: Every Hero Pool is assigned an expiration period based on the influencer’s prediction, referred to as the “Pool Expiry Period” (PEP). Once the PEP concludes, the system automatically calculates winnings, and users can then proceed to “Claim” their winnings directly on the respective Hero Pool page.


Crypto Hayes or any influencer making a prediction can log in using their Twitter handle and automatically claim 10% of the winning commissions. An email confirmation is generated, and the crypto commission is sent to the designated wallet. The influencer has the flexibility to allocate these winnings to their fans or the winners (or losers), as per their preference.

Post the launch in January, we will enable anyone to create a Hero Pool, make predictions, share their pools with their fans, earn commissions, and choose to share them with their fans. Winners of the Pools will receive the entire Losing Pool Stakes, with 10% commissions allocated for predicting KOL and another 10% for the Hero X platform. Hero X will further distribute its earnings to $HEROX token holders, with details to be disclosed closer to the launch.

Each Hero Pool participant earns Hero XP, regardless of the outcome. Users receive 50 $Hero XP for every $1 Stake in Hero or Zero Pools. For instance, if a user stake $50 and wins $45, they would accumulate a total of 4750 $Hero XP. Every 100 Hero XP earns you “1 SuperSpin”, contributing to additional $Hero XP. $Hero XP can be converted to $HEROX tokens upon launch, with a fixed daily supply of $HEROX tokens.

Moreover, every winning streak enhances the KOL’s rank and profile on the leaderboard. Each KOL receives a blue verification tick on their profile, ensuring streamlined future claims, qualified status, and access to various incentives and rewards periodically.

This marks just the beginning of a lengthy journey planned over months. Early KOLs and users participating in these pools will be whitelisted and eligible for “Hero Keys,” details of which will be disclosed soon. Numerous other benefits for early KOLs and users are in the pipeline, including partnerships with leading projects, advisors, and collaborations with some of the brightest minds in the crypto space.


Our long-term vision entails establishing a comprehensive database that captures user and influencer trading behaviour based on real results. While the ability to directly trade swaps and perpetuals on the platform is on the horizon, our current primary focus is on Hero Pools.

Our platform seamlessly combines SOCIAL, AI, and TRADING. The social component enables users to interact and earn based on their performance. Transparent price predictions and winning rates act as a deterrent against the prevalent frauds and scams in the crypto industry. Moreover, the extensive database of price predictions over time can serve as a valuable resource for traders, professionals, and even enthusiasts, aiding in more informed decision-making.

On significant note is the fact that influencers earn more cryptocurrency for predictions they are already making, while users earn $Hero XP and $HEROX for their participation in Hero Pools. This setup creates a winning scenario for everyone involved. The platform’s user-friendly interface and robust features position it as the go-to destination for a diverse audience, including professional traders, influencers, gamblers, and retail enthusiasts alike.

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